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Keith Hodgson

Citrus Fruits in Old Weathered Crate

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3 Mediterranean Oranges and a Lemon in an old wooden crate -

The Box - an old Brown and Polson Patent Cornflower crate with weathered leather strap (circa 1920) has gathered dust in the shed for over 40 years! I wish it could talk! 

Oranges and Lemons?  Gorgeous dimpled skins, vibrant colors and the all pervading smell of citrus fruit - What's not to love about them I ask?

  • Limited edition of 25 Hand-printed, signed and numbered
  • 310gm Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300 Art Paper
  • EPSON archival inkjet print – lightfastness rating is over 100 years
  • Buy online as print only in sizes listed above   
  • Custom packing and delivery

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