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“READY TO GO!” - Greetings Card

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“Ready to Go!”

On Sunday 7th September 2014, the World's two remaining airworthy Avro Lancasters, FM213 - ‘V-RA’ of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and PA-474 - ‘Thumper’ of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, flew in formation overhead a third Lancaster, NX611 - ‘Just Jane’, of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.
V-RA and her crew have now returned to their base in Hamilton, Canada and it is unlikely that she will ever be able to return to the U.K. This makes her appearances across the U.K. and especially overhead Just Jane at East Kirkby, all the more poignant. The sight and sound of these three Avro Lancasters and their twelve supercharged Rolls Royce Merlin engines was inspirational and truly unforgettable!

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