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John Wheeler


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A delightfully simple composition, from an original painting by John Wheeler. Painted in naive style, large, flat areas of space complement the passive detail of a female form, oblivious to the world, asleep on a deserted beach.

John's work deliberately rejects sophisticated artistic techniques and has a bold directness resembling a child's work, typically in bright colours with little or no perspective - an eclectic amalgam of early Hockney blended with an essence of Modigliani and Breughel!

To quote Robert Pirsig - 'we keep passing unseen through little moments of other people's lives'

Limited edition of 30

  • Hand-printed, signed and numbered
  • 310gm Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300 Art Paper
  • EPSON archival inkjet print – lightfastness rating is over 100 years
  • Buy online as print only in sizes listed above   
  • Custom packing and delivery

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