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Keith Hodgson

Iconic French Mouli Grater Contemplates Garlic Clove

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Vintage French Mouli Grater contemplates crushing Garlic on an old kitchen table.

The iconic Mouli rotational grater was first patented in France in the 1940s. Mouli is the French brand name that became Moulinex in 1957.

The image was taken using an 85mm F1.2 Canon lens. At F1.2, the Depth of Field is very shallow, throwing the background chilis and garlic out of focus, exploiting the lens' characteristically beautiful, soft, diffuse Bokeh!

310gm Limited edition of 25 c/w authentication certificate

Still life photography by Keith Hodgson - Canon EOS 1Ds MK III  85mm 1.2 Lens


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