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David Higham

33rd Regiment of Foot - Waterloo 1815

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Initially formed as Huntingdon's Regiment, in 1751 regiments were given numbers, and was from that time officially known as the 33rd Regiment of Foot. In 1782 the regiment's title was changed to the 33rd (or First Yorkshire West Riding) Regiment.

The first Duke of Wellington died in 1852 and in the following year Queen Victoria, in recognition of the regiment's long ties to him, ordered that the regiment's title be changed to the 33rd (or The Duke of Wellington's) Regiment. Invariably further amalgamations took place, the most recent being in 2012, when the battalion was re-designated as the new 1st Battalion (1 Yorks) of the regiment.

(source- wikipedia)

310gm Limited edition of 50 c/w authentication certificate
Illustration by David Higham

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