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David Higham

4th Kings Own Regiment of Foot - San Sebastian 1813

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An Officer and Private of the 4th King’s Own Regiment of Foot
Seige of San Sebastian 1813

The last strongholds of the French in Spain were Pamplona and San Sebastian, and it was decided to deal with these before moving into France. An assault on 25th July had failed so another attempt was made on 22nd August on the arrival of an efficient battering train and a unit of sappers and miners. On the 31st August, after a bombardment, the 5th Division were sent into the breach on the eastern defences of the town. This was led by Robinson's brigade which consisted of the 4th, 47th, 59th regiments and Brunswickers. During this assault, a Forlorn Hope section of the regiment was sent in, led by Lieutenant Francis Maguire. He died in the attempt. It was his 21st birthday
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310gm Limited edition of 50 c/w authentication certificate
Illustration by David Higham

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