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David Higham

95th Rifles - Le Haye Sainte, 1815 - Print

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The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) was an infantry rifle regiment of the British Army. Formed in January 1800 as the "Experimental Corps of Riflemen" to provide sharpshooters, scouts and skirmishers, they were soon renamed "The Rifle Corps". In January 1803 they became an established regular regiment and were titled the 95th Regiment of Foot (Rifles). In 1816, after the final defeat of Napoleon, they were again renamed, this time as "The Rifle Brigade".

The unit was distinguished by its use of green uniforms as standard in place of the traditional red—the first regular infantry corps in the British Army to do so. (source - wikipedia)

310gm Limited edition of 50 Prints c/w authentication certificate

illustration by David Higham

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