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Barbara Renton Wood

NIGHT ACTIVITY - Blast Furnace, Redcar Steelworks

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This print of the Redcar Steelworks in full flow is a mixed media study of watercolour, gouache and ink pigment. One of a series of powerful, evocative industrial images created by Barbara Renton Wood.
Teesside Steelworks stretched along the south bank of the River Tees from Middlesbrough to Redcar. At its height there were 91 blast furnaces within a 10 mile radius of the area, but by the late 1970s, there was only one left. Opened in 1979 and located near the mouth of the River Tees close to the river's outfall into the North Sea, the Redcar Blast Furnace on Teesside was the second largest in Europe.

The majority of the steelworks closed in 2015. The Teesside Beam Mill and some support services still operate at the Lackenby part of the site. Hope of a resurrection still lingers.

  • Limited Edition Print from an original by Barbara Renton Wood.
  • 310gm Limited edition of 50 c/w authentication certificate


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