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John Wheeler

Seated Couple in Café

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Seated couple lost in thought in a Café,... with vaqgue awareness of being observed. This delightful print from an original acrylic painting by John Wheeler, captures a frozen moment in time. John spends time observing his subjects whilst making numerous spontaneous sketches, which are then painstakingly reworked in the studio. Much of his work is with mixed media, painted on whatver material is at hand... in this instance a used piece of rough plywood.

Originally a photo-realist, John now devotes his creative energy into a more emotive, expressive form of mark-making which resonates with the character and individuality of his subjects. His work is an eclectic amalgam of early Hockney blended with essence of Modigliani and Breughel!

Limited edition of 50

  • Still Life Giclée Art print hand-printed, signed and numbered
  • 310gm Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300 Art Paper
  • EPSON archival inkjet print – lightfastness rating is over 100 years
  • Buy online as print only in sizes listed above   
  • Custom packing and delivery

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